development 4

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.39.43 AMIn this part I removed the objects that were under the fork. I replaced it with another objects which i used in my 100 things. I used an scanned drawing of earrings. I chose to use this because the earrings looks like it is silver with diamonds. I related the earing to the fork because in my reasearch about my tool while i was at the very first step, I found out that the in the past the some males did not used the fork, because they thought it was a tool which is only for females. Therefore I chose this Two items together because the silver also has got a relationship to females. They are mainly used in jewelry. On the top right corner I had an object, I removed it because it was not clear and It did not have any relationship to the quote, word and definition. I could have used it if I used it as an indication for the the text direction on its pointed lines.


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