Comments from the critique in class

I received many different comments from the critique in class. The critique was useful to me because each comment was different.

Below are the comments which received –

  • the items used in the poster are very abstracted, they are not very clear. -> This is true because I used different effects in image trace.
  • The earrings are not clear. I personally know that it is an earring but i the critique it  was not clear to the audience.
  • there are lots of refines
  • The text on the top left corner which includes the quote should be changed.
  • justify the text – change the typeface for both arabic and english
  • define the images
  • refine the fork more – because it was not clear that its a fork – I used this fork because it looks like plastic fork, I also used a layer of foil to cover half of the fork to match the quote.
  • I have to add more colors to my poster.
  • The earrings are not blending with the fork compositionally
  • focus more on the fork maybe change it.

These comments were useful to me. I will try my best to change what i think should be changed. I like some parts very much. but the comments show that the message which i wanted to create was not clear. therefor, I will try my best and fix the parts which are not working. I will also try to take other people opinions in the next stages.

IMG_8221This is the picture of the poster in the first critique in class.


One thought on “Comments from the critique in class

  1. law

    great! hopefully this was helpful for you. it appears as if it was. in future, you should rely on this sort of method to help you get the feedback that you need. good job…it appears to have paid off 🙂



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