Precedents / case studies “research” 1

How Recycling is Done

The Link below are different section on of recycling materials are done. The video highlights the important part of recycling.

“My City, My Environment”

“My City, My Environment” Is one of the projects done in Dubai. This project is created from the municipality of Dubai. In some areas, the municipality provided two special bins for recycling materials. one bin would be for recyclable materials and the second bin for other wastes. the website below provides more details about the project.

Recycling In Masdar City Abu Dhabi 

The link below gives more information about recycling in Masdar City.

The link below is about Masdar City.

Packaging Design / Brand Identity

Designing a brand Identity or designing packagings out of recycles materials could be one of my final outcomes. Below is one of the websites I found  for recycled packaging.

Abdulaziz Aljafen Abdulaziz AlJafen Is a brand identity developer. Below are some examples of brand identity ideas from Aljufen’s work. The Idea of recycling could be developed in packaging and brand identity design. The outcome could also be used in many ways and then recycled over again.


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